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Elise Joan is a top celebrity fitness
trainer and the creator of several
best-selling workout DVDs.

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Elise's Blissful Students

“I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome and inspirational I love love your Shape workout I’m going to grad school right now and between classes and clinicals there isn’t much time for working out…so the 20 minute is perfect!! Just wanted to say thanks and ppplease come out with more dvd … “
– Danielle Paige, Brentwood, CA
” Elise’s workouts are the perfect mix of a strenuous, sweaty workout combined with intuitive instruction, insight and guidance. Plus, her awesome sense of humor helps to transform Elise Joan Fitness workouts from just a regular workout video to a wonderful experience. “
– Jason Somer, Santa Monica, CA
As a woman who’s about to retire, I love that I can make personal workouts that cater to MY personal needs, not that of a 25-year old. Plus, Elise is a shining star and her personality makes all that sweating and planking a wholelot more fun! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but what’s new? Thanks!
– June McKenna, Colorado Springs, CO
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